Creative Conjunction Herbal Smoking Blend

At Sacred Herbs L.L.C., our goal is to create the finest blends of dried herbs, for your smoking pleasure.  Our line of Sacred Smoking Blends contains four handcrafted mixtures of herbs; each with a different and unique effect.

Creative Conjunction Herbal Smoking Blend is a mixture Damiana, Raspberry Leaf, Mullein, Mugwort, Coltsfoot, Blue Lotus Petals, Stevia, Heimia Salicifolia, California Poppy, Klip Dagga Leaves, Klip Dagg Petals, and Rose Petals

Damiana has a wonderful flavor, similar to cannabis and it is used in many natural smoking blends for its mildly relaxing and aphrodisiac qualities.  Raspberry Leaf contains a healthy dose of natural medicinal compounds such as tannins, flavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. It also adds a smooth taste to the blend.

Mullein promotes a general feeling of calmness and helps to fight against feelings of anxiety.  When burned, Mullein produces a thick rich smoke that is soothing to the throat.  Our Native American friends have taught us that mullein is a wonderful respiratory medicine and smoking the leaves brings that medicine directly into the lungs.  It is also very mildly sedating.  Mugwort has a lengthy history of being used as a tobacco substitute with mild hallucinogenic properties. 

Coltsfoot is often smoked to treat coughs and chest problems. Blue Lotus is euphoric.  Stevia add a nice sweetness to the blend.  Heimia Salicifolia is commonly called ‘Sun Opener’  with a long history of use in Mexican Folk medicine as a general inebriant.  California Poppy or golden poppy, is known for having sedative, analgesic, and antispasmodic properties. In fact, it is considered a sub-opiate, as it is a milder version of the red poppy from which we get opium.

Klip Dagga has a long history of being used as a smoking herb and an alternative to smoking cannabis.  Smoking the flower petals and leaves are similar to the effects of smoking cannabis; euphoria and happiness.  Rose petals add flavor.

“Creative Conjunction Herbal Smoking Blend will relax you quickly, allowing your mind to wander just a little.  If you are a writer, painter, sculptor or other creative genius, a few puffs of this sweet blend might give you a new view of things.”

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