Mullein Smudge Wand – Powerful Protection

Natural healers have been using mullein for centuries to treat ailments of respiratory system, as an expectorant, a diuretic, an anti-inflammatory, a sedative, an astringent, and various wound healing properties.  It is often smoked to send the healing compounds directly to the lungs.

It’s not very common knowledge, but mullein has multiple other metaphysical uses.  Because it represents focus and grounding, the mullein smudge wand can be a powerful tool in the right hands.  It is a must-have item for smudging and cleansing activities when demonic activity may be present.

Potential Uses for a Mullein Smudge Wand

The burning smoke of mullein has been used in the metaphysical world for protection, to instill courage and most-importantly, to drive demons away.  The practice was started in the Middle Ages when people would burn a mullein smudge wand; first dipped in tallow, as a protective spell against witches and witchcraft.  It later was found to be very useful in purifying spaces thought to be inhabited by demonic entities or other dark spirits.  It’s also been used since ancient times in one form or another for protection against black magick, certain curses, and general negativity.

Overall mullein is used for courage, protection from wild animals, and protection from evil spirits.  The smoke is used to banish bad influences and stop or regulate bad habits.  Mullein smoke is also used for the cleansing of ritual spaces, sacred circles, and any other place where magickal work will be performed.  It’s also used for cleansing and purifying ritual tools and altars.

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Hoodoo and Folk Magick

In folk magick, this herb is used for courage and to drive enemies away.  It is used in combination with graveyard dirt and other herbs to make goofer dust.  It is mixed with several types of sacred incense and used to cast powerful protection spells.

It is also rumored to be used as part of a demon summoning ritual, but this is unsubstantiated.

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