Oxeye Daisy – (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum)

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The name oxeye daisy means “gold flower/white flower” – it has been called by other names including field daisy, bull daisy, button daisy, white weed, and moon flower.  Like many other plants that are useful medicinally, the oxeye daisy is considered a nuisance plant due to it’s ability to spread rapidly and take over fields.

The oxeye daisy is quite common, bas it reproduces easily and spreads quickly.  The flowers are mildly aromatic and although related to chamomile have a much lighter scent.  This herb is used in tea form to relax the bronchials; especially to treat bronchial spasms, symptoms of asthma and whooping cough.  It is also used for chest congestion.  It is diuretic and astringent, useful for stomach ulcers and bloody piles and urine.   It stimulates the body to sweat and urinate, thus clearing toxins from the body.  Also used as a vaginal douche for cervical ulceration. Also used as an antispasmodic for colic and general digestive upset.

Externally, when used as a lotion or salve, this daisy speeds up the healing process of cuts, scrapes, puncture wounds, ulcers, bruises, insect bites, stings and other wounds.

Even experienced herbalists can confuse the Oxeye daisy with the more common Shasta daisy.  The differences are subtle.  The Shasta daisy is taller and has larger flowers and foliage.  The real difference lies below the ground, and centers on the root structures.  The Shasta daisy has a root ball as compared to the oxeye daisy which has a creeping root system.  This creeping root system allows it to spread rapidly and makes it difficult to eradicate.

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