Sacred Herbs LLC is a family owned, start-up company founded and jointly owned by Shannon & Ralph Schwartz.  Our company headquarters is located in the foothills near Idaho Falls, Idaho.  The elevation is above 5,000′ and the summer sun shines on and on and on. Over the years, we’ve found it to be an excellent place to grow herbs and flowers, even though the planting season is a little later than in other areas.  We have adapted our processes to fit the environment, to ensure we get the production we expect.  Currently we have 53 different herbs under cultivation on our property and expect to add several more in 2021.  We also make our own, high nitrogen natural fertilizer using herbs we grow plus a few secret ingredients; it helps produce some of the thickest, greenest plants imaginable.

At Sacred Herbs LLC, our mission is to help our fellow human beings heal themselves using the bounty of the earth.  We believe in taking care of the planet, giving back whenever we can, and truly living each day to its fullest.  Our herbs are grown with love and carefully attended throughout the growing season.  Every tincture has a prayer of healing spoken over it individually, before we make it available for sale.  Our skin care products are tested and re-tested to ensure both quality and effectiveness.  Our herbal tea blends are made with premium herbs and no fillers.  We don’t take shortcuts and pride ourselves on service before, during and after each and every sale, it’s the Sacred Herbs LLC way.

Our business is a combination of on-line, E-bay and retail placements. Sacred Herbs LLCThe picture at the right is one of our full sets and includes more than 20 tinctures, 6 tea blends, our 5 herbal smoking blends, skin care products, and lots and lots of loose bagged specialty herbs.  We also offer specialty items such as our complete smudging kit, witch’s black salt, and witchcraft supplies.

Contact us directly at SacredHerbs@mail.com for ordering, until we get the e-commerce piece finished on the website.