White Sage & Cedar Smudge Kit

At Idaho Sacred Herbs, our mission is to find an herbal solution for every problem known to humankind.  We believe in sharing our sacred knowledge with others so that it may never become lost again.  Plants, trees, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and all forms of plant life contain the purest parts of nature.  Each one has something amazing to share with the world and a selected few are considered necessities by many herbalists.


Smudging Instructions

Cedar trees are very old, wise and powerful spirits and cedar is a powerful medicine of protection. We use burning cedar to cleanse any inside space.  New homes and apartments should be smudged before moving in; in the process, inviting any spirits currently residing in the home to leave and at the same time protecting the new residents from unwanted influences.

California White Sage is used for healing, purification, to bless and cleanse any indoor space.  It is also used extensively to cleanse people; the smoke is wafted over an individual and all unwanted spiritual debris is knocked away.  Objects can also be cleansed in the same manner.

Your kit includes a 4” white sage smudging wand, a ½ oz. bag of dried cedar leaves, 2 charcoal burning discs, a white sacred dove feather, and a small abalone shell.  Before beginning any smudging, understand that smudging involves open flames, red hot charcoal, and smoke.  Do not allow minor children to smudge unsupervised.  You will need to provide about a handful of sand or salt & you may want to use a larger feather (turkey feathers are preferred).


Place your shell on a thick potholder or folder towel and fill with sand or salt.  Place the charcoal disc in the center of the sand and using a long lighter or kitchen torch, apply constant heat until the disc is glowing red.  Carefully sprinkle a small amount of cedar leaves on the top of the charcoal disc – it will immediately begin to smoke.  Carefully lift up the towel or potholder and walk to the inner-most place in your living space.  Start in a clockwise pattern.  Use your feather to wave the smoke into the corners of each room, inside any closets, cabinets, or other closed spaces.  While you are doing this; say aloud or not, your prayers of protection and strength.  Demand that all negativity and unwanted spirits leave immediately. You must be firm, for that is the magick behind the cleansing and blessing you are giving through the smudging process.  Start backing away and continue the process in each room until you get to the room closest to the door.  You may need to relight the disc or add more cedar during the process.  Open the door and work the smoke until you can fan the last bit outside.  You may choose to say a prayer during the process or a simple blessing.  Put the towel in a safe place so that the coal can burn out naturally or extinguish appropriately.  Repeat the process using the sage wand in the same manner and in the same places until you wave the last of the smoke out the front door.

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